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March 25 2009 4 25 /03 /March /2009 11:11

In the Artparis Fair, we noticed a strong increase of Chinese Art in European galleries, so we went to interview the director and owner of the Xin Dong Chen Gallery, based in Beijing. In this fair he promoted Chinese artists, but major Europeen artists such as Daniel Buren are also presented in his gallery in China. He also gives us his opinion on the future of the Chinese art market.

Interview of Mr Xin Dong Chen

       Xin Dong Chen is a Space for contemporary art, in Beijing. It is our third edition in Art Paris.


       What evolution do you see since the first time you came to Art Paris?

       Well the grand Palais is a great place, new people, and more and more Chinese art coming here.


       What about this major work of Feng Zhengjie?

       My gallery introduces major contemporary art like Feng Zhengiie, internationally recognized, but we also represent new young artists in order to show the people the diversity of the new creation in Chinese art.


       Can you talk to us a bit about this two photographs from Zuaxiao Zuzhou, the pile of pigs in a mountain environment and the other one, a pile of woman in the same visual context?

       Yes, this is very famous photograph of a performance in which the artist participated. It was realized in the beginning of the nineties, in an unknown mountain. Ten years later, the artist who took part of this performance came back to the same place, made a new piece, but instead of a pile of men, he put pigs. So the title here is I do love contemporary art.  It’s a joke; the artist wants us to realize how the contemporary art changed in the past thirteen years. It’s to say: ‘look back’ in the Chinese art.


       Okay, and what about this colorful painting, representing Marilyn Monroe? 

       It is from Xue Song, he made an homage to Andy Warhol. Marilyn is a very important image of pop art, so the artist re made with is own way the Marilyn.  The painting shows her beauty and her very strong energy, like she would still be alive. Her beauty is here expressed as eternal.


        Do Chinese people like Andy Warhol?

       Yes, Andy Warhol is the pope of pop art, in the world. And specially for Chinese artist, he is very important in pop art.


       How is the art market in China?

       We have a crisis in China, because the art market, in the world is infected, not only in China. The art market in China is completely new, not so big. I think personally that the economy is still going up, and especially in Beijing, the market is too established to be able to say anything about it. We should wait a few months or until the end of the year. The Chinese contemporary art is known as a market since very recent time, so it will take us more time to discover to real value of Chinese creative visions. It is alos very connected to the China and his situation. But I believe it will compete anyway. Maybe the market will go down, but it will go up quickly.


       So you believe Chinese Art will continue to increase ?

       It is sure, I begun to introduce Chinese contemporary art to the world since the beginning of the nineties, and we still continue to make it discover to new people, like for example we’ll have soon an exhibition in Cuba. So yes, I believe it will continue to rise, because it only begun.


       Thank you very much, we wish you the best for the fair.

       Thank you

Will follow tomorow the last interview of the Forsblom Gallery, Finland.

[Visuals : Above: Feng Zhengjie, painting. Courtesy Xin Dong Chen Gallery. Below : Xue Song, Portait of Marylin Monroe. Courtesy Xin Dong Chen Gallery]


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